WRAT= Rope Access + Tower Climber

//WRAT= Rope Access + Tower Climber

WRAT= Rope Access + Tower Climber


WRAT, wireless Rope access TechnicanRope Access + Tower Climber

Rope Access is an important skill to learn if one is going to be performing work at any height.  In the tower industry we are continually using our back dorsal for Fall Arrest, side D rings for Fall Restraint and Rope Access uses their sternal for Fall Arrest and Lateral or Ventral attachment points for positioning.  Rope Access emphasizes the use of lighter, aluminum gear and 2 points of attachment at ALL times – primary and a secondary.  The Wireless Rope Access Technician (WRAT) was developed to help the climber add more tools to his climbing toolbox and verify their skills by creating a third-party evaluation.  It will the climber to problem solve, if a climber gets himself into difficulties  The evaluator will measure the climber’s ability to tie knots, rescue, and understand how to ascend/descent/transfer from one rope to another and anchor points.   A typical tower climbing class should be 40 + hours and assist in the education and preparedness for these men and woman to perform their job safely, but our industry needs these guys to go back to work or can’t afford it.  The average time 16- 24 hours is the most we get for them.  WRAT (Wireless Rope Access Technician) is a 4 day course, with less powerpoints and more time on our towers, ropes, and with specialized evaluators like AHS rescue Dale Stewart, we will make our tower industry stronger, add quality and create valuable students to the workplace.


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