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Competent Drone Cell Tower Operator

Competent Drone Pilot – Telecom (CDP-T) is a training program to safely fly unmanned aircraft (drone) and become part of the PPE of a cell tower construction crew.

Contact Tower Safety at 480-313-0678 or 602-900-7668/info@towersafety.com

The 32-hour CDP-T (Competent Drone Pilot) Certificate of Completion course will allow a Tower owner, CM, PM, Foreman or the Competent Person to safely and legally fly a Small UAS (SUAS) around communication towers. We have developed best practices necessary to operate drones safely and efficiently in the telecommunications environment.

CDP-T course consists of 32 Clock Hours with 14 hrs online (PT107OL), 2 hrs of FAA examinations (Part 107) at a certified center and 16 hrs (2 days) classroom and flight time.  Tower Safety will provide the drones for flight practice during the Competent Drone Pilot course.

A Competent Person CDP-T  receives a Pilots License and Certificate of Completion is good for 3 years.

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Tower Safety & Instruction, the leading provider of safety training now offers the FIRST Industrial Tower training course for a construction crew! learn to keep your crews safe with a drone, make it a part of their PPE.

We offer 2 courses:

  1. Drone training for the construction crew(online and classroom – 2 days $750.00)
  2. Cell Tower Inspection course – new to the industry course (online only $135.00)





To register for the course please contact info@TowerSafety.com or 480-313-0678 Application for Enrollment link is below for the Qualified Drone Cell Tower Operator (QDCO)


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